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  • Amed-Bali

    12 March 2013 ( #Indonesia, #Bali )

    Hi there, i am in amed-bali right now. yesterday was a special day in bali ogoh ogoh and today is Nyepi day which mean silence days. so nothing to do today, we can not go out of the hotel. Balinese people just stay at home and do nothing. hopefully there...

  • Lao Vientiane

    14 April 2013 ( #Lao, #Vientiane )

    Hi there, after 2 months in Indonesia, i am in lao right now. what a wonderful country and very special. Vientiane, the capital, looks like a small village with small houses, temple and mekong river. i celebrate my birthday in vientiane, nice party with...

  • Bali, Bali, Bali

    13 February 2013 ( #Indonesia, #Bali )

    Hi, here i am, the internet connexion is really bad here that's crazy. So far i have been to ubud with my friend lolo for a couple of day, it is really nice, perfect season to go there, not so many people. We have seen many temples, rice field, and really...

  • bali, Pemutaran

    15 February 2013 ( #Indonesia, #Bali )

    Hi, here are some picture from pemutaran, north west of bali. It is nice but there is literally nothing here except a nice spot for diving, snorkling and some restaurants. there is no big city around here, no bars, no clubs. BUT there is the national...

  • Lao Luang Prabang

    14 April 2013 ( #Lao, #Luang Prabang )

    Hi, After a 11 hours sleeping bus ride (425 km north of Vientiane), i arrived in Luang Prabang, 2nd largest city on Lao. really nice city, many temples, waterfall, nice french restaurant. On the street you can see many Buddhist monk. Every night, the...


    08 May 2013 ( #Thailand, #Koh tao )

    Hi, In koh tao with my brother Nico and Jenny, friend of mince. nice freedive session today at koh tao. good weather and nice sun burn ;) salut, nous voila a koh tao avec mon frero nico et jenny une amie. super session freedive aujourd'hui a koh tao,...

  • Last day in gili island

    09 March 2013 ( #Gili Island, #Indonesia )

    Hi, last day in gili island, tomorrow i am going back to bali on the south west close to Amed. maybe i ll come back later in trawangam, it is such a nice place. dernier jour sur les iles gili, demain je retourne sur bali a cote d'Amed au sud ouest de...

  • Amazing USAT liberty wreck

    15 March 2013 ( #Indonesia, #Bali )

    Amazing US liberty wreck in amed. this morning we went snokeling and freediving to the USAT liberty wreck dive in amed, it is amazing. visibily was amazing at the beginning, we manage to take some nice pictures under water. freediving is freedom :) i...

  • Nan Khiaw

    26 April 2013 ( #Lao )

    hi, few pictures from Nan khiaw where i spend few days,quiete town in the north of Luang Prabang. u run a lot and walked in the mountain. amazing food. nice guesthouse for 6 euro per night with Wifi :) i am back to Luang prabang now and i will fly to...

  • Freedive SSI2

    25 May 2013 ( #Thailand, #Koh tao )

    freedive SSI2 Hey I have done my next level of freediving with buleimmerssion in koh Tao. 3 amazing days, I have learnt a log new breathing technique and manage to get to 31.3m deep and hold my breath for 3min43s. My achievement : - Constant Weight with...

  • Still gili island

    27 February 2013 ( #Indonesia, #Gili Island )

    Hi I am still in gili island trawangam. I feel so good here so imam gonna stay longer in think one more week. I am doing my scuba diving lesson right now, tomorrow i will et my openwater then advanced end of the week. A night dive is plan too :) That...

  • trawangam again and again :)

    05 March 2013 ( #Indonesia, #Gili Island )

    Hi, here are some pictures from trawangam island. i don't want to leave,so nice here. Voici quelques photos de trawangam. je resterai bien la un encore un peu, top. see u,

  • What a wonderful World !

    03 March 2013 ( #Indonesia, #Gili Island )

    What a wonderful world underwater.Yesterday 3 dives with one night dive. That's amazing down there during the night. Belfort diving i was existing and a bit stress but when you are under water it is really nice and different. Love it. Today 2 more dives...

  • Finaly gili island

    17 February 2013 ( #Indonesia, #Gili Island )

    My location Finally I am in gili island twarangam. I came 5 years ago and it changed a lot year, a lot of resort, bungalow but it is still really nice. I found out a bungalow for 150000 IDR which is around 12 euros. I am gonna stay here i think for a...

  • Around Langkawi island

    23 January 2013 ( #malaysia )

  • OpenWater done!

    01 March 2013 ( #Indonesia, #Gili Island )

    Hi, I got my openwater after 4 wonderful dives here in gili island. I have seen many turtles, shark, baby shark,many fishes, and a manta ray :)tomorrow I will start the advanced courses 2day more 5 dives: -Deep dive (30m deep) -buoyancy control -photography...

  • Ciao wonderful indonesia, tomorrow i'll be in Laos

    11 April 2013 ( #Bali, #Indonesia )

  • Pictures from langkawi

    24 January 2013 ( #malaysia )

    hi, i will stay one more day in langkawi and tommorow morning I am going to koh lipe island in thailand. more pictures from lankgawi have a good day,

  • Hi, i am leaving malaysia today and going to bali island indonesia. i will be

    07 February 2013 ( #malaysia )

    Hi, i am leaving malaysia today and going to bali island indonesia. i will be there tonight and stay in Ubud for a couple of days. I really had a good time in MY, i'l come back later. je quitte la malasie aujourd'hui pour rejoindre l'ile de bali en indonesie....

  • Bon appetit

    15 April 2013 ( #Lao )


  • Beautiful Devil Ray at Manta Point this morning...!!!

    20 March 2013 ( #Indonesia, #Gili Island )

  • Scuba diving USAT liberty wreck

    17 March 2013 ( #Indonesia, #Bali )

    This morning dive at USAT liberty wreck Plongee de ce matin sur l'epave de l'USAT liberty.

  • Freedive at USAT liberty wreck

    17 March 2013 ( #Indonesia, #Bali )

    video of our freedive session yesterday at USAT liberty wreck : http://youtu.be/wBSLMqWCP8U video de notre petite session freedive sur l'epave de l'USAT liberty: http://youtu.be/wBSLMqWCP8U ciao

  • Sama Sama fuck cocktail au Sama Sama reggae bar

    20 February 2013 ( #Indonesia, #Gili Island )

  • Bye bye koh lipe

    02 February 2013

    Tomorrow i am going back to Malaysia in langkawi for a couple of days then Thursday I am going to Bali island to join my friends :) that's gonna be great. I spent a really good time here in koh lipe, I recommend you this place. For small budget you can...

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