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My trip around Asia

I am Christophe, French, 31 years old and after 10 years working in France and in China i decided to take a break for a couple of months and travel around Asia. Cheers..

Langkawi MY

Langkawi finally.

I know I was supposed to go to tioman island in south east and finally I am in langkawi north west of MY, completely opposite :)

Well I went to mersing close to tioman island to take the boat but when i get there it was raining the whole day and they forecast one week of rain so I take a new bus from

There to Kuala perlis north west of MY.

We left at 6:30 pm and reach our destination at 10:30 am the day after 16 hours later. After one hour in the bus, we had a Breakdown. After severals tests, we stopped somewhere on the road waiting for a new bus. Bus which were upposed to arrive 1:20h later later but it took 3:30 hours. Meanwhile we get out of the bus and went to a kind of KTV outside in a private house :) it was so funny and so unexpected :)

Well it was finally a good experience. I was the only foreigner in the bus and nobody spoke English but was fun.

I am now in langkawi it is a pretty nice Island not far from Koh lipe I might go there for a couple of day. Snorkeling spot are much more Better, the water is not so clean an clear here.

In think I am gonna stay there for 4 to 5 days... I need sun and I can tell you it is really sunny and really hot here, that s so good.


Langkawi MY

My location

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Bon voyage! La vue est magnifique..
merci check, comment vas ?<br /> c koi ton email adress ?<br /> ca se passe bien ton nouveau taff?<br /> @ bientot